Hardin Creekside has a 250-square-meter ballroom that can comfortably accommodate 150 people during banquets and similar functions. It is fully air-conditioned and has separate toilet facilities for men and women. Hardin Creekside also boasts of a large private parking area for party guests.
Hardin Creekside boasts of a 100-square-meter nipa hut perfect for large groups and families. It has a private bedroom with a queen-sized bed and its own toilet and bath facility. The Hardin hut also has a spacious open-air living area perfect for family and barkada salu-salos.
Hardin Creekside has six (6) fan rooms with individual toilet and bath facilities. Every room has two (2) double-sized beds, dresser and mini-sala. Mattresses for additional room guests are available. All rooms have a large open balcony overlooking the swimming pools and garden areas.
Hardin Creekside has two (2) peanut-shaped swimming pools separated by a jacuzzi and a man-made brook. There is a rock cave and water slide on one end of the larger adult pool while the children’s wading pool is built under a rock bridge.